Urbanism Next TEDx Talk Now Streaming

On June 22nd, Urbanism Next Center Director, Nico Larco spoke at a TEDx event at the University of Maryland in College Park. The theme of the event was “Get OUTside,” and Nico’s talk was one of many throughout the day that encouraged people to look past their comfort zones, preconceived notions, and existing mindsets to gain a different and better understanding of the world. In discussing the potential secondary impacts of autonomous vehicles on our cities, Nico describes a “second revolution,” one which we may be able to control and influence if we can anticipate the coming technology. The key, he says, is thinking of AVs not as a transportation issue, but as a community issue. The full 15-minute video is now available to watch, and you can also check out Mobility Lab’s coverage of it here!

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  1. Gary R. Collins, AIA

    How is urban sustainability so linked to autonomous vehicles? So far, SCI comes across as stumping for their advent, as an inevitable technology destined to change …uh….everything. Actually, no. They will still use streets and roads, which define our sprawling urban condition. As CARS using city streets, they do not challenge the current paradigm, and will in fact facilitate it, and introduce new and unknown variables in the bargain. AVs forecast a distinction without a basic paradigmatic difference. Why so eager to accept the historic vehicular character of our suburban cities as inevitable?

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