That’s a wrap!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2019 National Urbanism Next Conference and helped make it a success! We could not have done it without the support of our partners and sponsors, without the time and effort given by every single presenter, without the dedication of our volunteers, and of course, without the energy and interest of all the attendees.

Over 500 people joined us in Portland last week, including a mix of academics, private sector, public sector, and nonprofit representatives. The combination of professions and academic disciplines enabled attendees to hear a mix of unique perspectives on a wide variety of issues. We were delighted to have Oregon, Washington, and California well-represented, but we were also very glad to have folks from nineteen other states and the District of Columbia in the room as well. Additionally, it was so great to have 26 international participants representing Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Iceland, Turkey, Lebanon, and more, and have an opportunity to get their perspectives on how emerging technologies can be harnessed to achieve the kinds of outcomes we want to see.

Thanks to everyone who helped capture great quotes and interesting insights via social media! Check out our Twitter feed and search #UrbNext2019 for a glimpse at what people were talking about. We will also be sharing more information soon about our key takeaways, as well posting photos, videos and presentation slides from the conference presentations.

We here at Urbanism Next had a great time and are already starting to think about next year, so please stay tuned! As always, we welcome your suggestions so please contact us if you have ideas you’d like to share. Many, many thanks again to everyone involved!


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