Register Now for the 2020 Urbanism Next Conference!

The 2020 Urbanism Next Conference schedule is now available on our website. Check it out and register now!

This year’s conference will focus on the ways that new mobility, mobility as a service, e-commerce and urban delivery, and autonomous vehicles impact land use, urban design, building design, transportation, and real estate. What are the implications of these changes on equity, health and safety, the economy, and the environment? How should governments respond? What additional education, outreach, and research is needed to understand these changes and respond to them?

Over 500 planners, architects, landscape architects, developers, technology experts, elected officials, academics, and many others are expected to attend the conference. We hope you will join them!

Visit the Urbanism Next website to register for the conference, and to find detailed information about conference sessions, accommodations, and sponsorships.

Early registration ends April 15! Register now to save!

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