Register Now for the National Urbanism Next Conference 2019!

Join us for the National Urbanism Next Conference 2019!  

Last year, we discussed how technology is changing cities. This year, we will focus on the ways that technological innovations can be harnessed to achieve desired outcomes. Experts from the public, private, and academic sectors will come together to discuss recent innovations, research findings, pilot projects, collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors, and much more!

Visit the Urbanism Next website to register for the conference, and to find detailed information about conference sessions, accommodations, and sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities.

Early registration ends April 2! Register now to save!

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  1. Gary R. Collins, AIA

    I would expect anthropogenic global warming would be first on the list of issues. It isn’t anywhere else, other forums of note, so I suppose that it might be treated exhaustively here is too much to ask.

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